Local artist Brenda Stone is bringing her beautiful abstract artwork from her studio to your kitchen.

If Brenda Stone could spend the rest of her life with a paintbrush in one hand and a slab of soft cheese in the other, that would be her idea of heaven.

The distinctly North Queensland art she produces offers a dreamy and relaxing aura that washes over any room – and it is already hanging in some of Townsville’s leading galleries, restaurants and hotels.

The 30-year-old has even been commissioned by NQ golfing legend Karrie Webb to produce two pieces for her Townsville holiday home.

Brenda draws her inspiration from ‘rich, vibrant colours and forms within nature’ that include aerial interpretations of the land and sea to highlight nature’s majesty.

Oh, and food.

Food is a heavy inspiration which is what makes Brenda’s work so appealing to local restaurants and lovers of cuisine.

Anything in the kitchen is a canvas
Brenda cracks one of her trademark smiles when the topic of eating is brought up.

“Yes, I love cooking and eating!” she is quick to exclaim.

Composing herself, Brenda says: “I’m open to all kinds of cuisine and could eat out every night if I could”.

That has led to her unique homewares collection, where coasters, cheeseboards, serving boards and paddles all become a canvas for her unique work to wash over.

“I wanted to bring what I do on a canvas a bit closer to the dining table,” Brenda said.

“So, it becomes an everyday, hands-on way of entertaining. I do this by using my mediums and techniques on everyday items, lazy Susans, platters, drink coasters… and whatever else is within reach.”

The artistic journey
When Brenda was a little girl, she would watch on in awe as her nanna and older sister would paint works of wonder onto canvas.

That lit a fire that has never wavered since.

“I was really good at art in school so then went on to do a bachelor of Visual Arts at JCU here in Townsville, in the hope
of becoming an artist,” she said.

Then, like most artists, Brenda found her niche. Her gorgeous handmade works of art using spontaneous mediums truly defined and separated her from the pack.

“Every piece is original, one of it’s kind.  It’s hard to replicate twice a particular design or achieve a certain pattern,” she said.

A glimpse at the artistic process
Brenda will go through her exercise routine each morning before hitting the studio before the sun peaks over the horizon.

We let her take it from there:

“I have my studio space at home in a big shed at the back of my house, it’s where all the magic happens,” Brenda says.

“I initially spend time on my computer designing proposed artwork, and finding inspiration in all forms. My collection of inspirational images has moved more to digital in the recent years, as it’s an easy way to store ideas, colour palettes, patterns and future designs.

“As most of my artwork utilises liquid form mediums, I paint my paintings on flat surfaces, sometimes on the floor sometimes on a table.

“The way that the mediums react together when put on a canvas is my favourite part of the process. Watching oil-based paint and water-based paint play together, mix together, move together is always a spontaneous display demonstration.”

Brenda will be holding a solo exhibition at North Ward’s Drill Hall Studio in May where the next evolution will be unveiled.

“I am very excited to be showcasing an entirely new way of presenting my art on a different form. Watch this space,” she says, with another one of her trademark smiles.

If you are interested in commissioning Brenda, you can reach her at or follow her on Facebook. You can also visit the Drill Hall Studio at 27 Mitchell Street, North Ward to get up close and personal with her breathtaking pieces.

Brenda Stone is an emerging contemporary artist in the heart of Townsville – designing and creating custom pieces for corporate and residential clients. Her explosive and electric artwork has brought new life and light to an incredible range of settings from local restaurants to residential dining rooms, as well as a range of homewares including cheese and serving boards, lazy Susans and drink coasters. Remarkable and eye-catching, Brenda’s artwork is a fine addition to any commercial or residential space.

Brenda Stone Art | The Drill Hall Studio, 27 Mitchell St, North Ward | 0403 235 962 |