If you are interested in food and wine, why not make contact with the Beefsteak and Burgundy club, where guests are invited to join in the fun, food, friendship and educational aspects of their regular dining events. 

Gail Woodward of the Townsville womens’ chapter, fills us in on their adventures each season. For more information about the group, go online to 


Local restaurants and food and beverage businesses offer so many wonderful opportunities to feast, sample wines, socialise and engage in new and exciting events, even more now than ever!

Townsville has monthly pop-up food trucks and secret feasts, high teas and street food events, cooking classes, designer degustations, visiting wineries and chefs, food festivals highlighting cuisine from all over the world, charity events, race days and a wide selection of both new and iconic multi award winning venues pitching exciting dining concepts.

I’m sure I have said this before, but just in case, I’ll restate it again: It never ceases to amaze me how many people I see out and about, eating and socialising, or conducting business over a shared meal… any night of the week. This isn’t that surprising when you consider that we have such beautiful winter and spring weather, just perfect for alfresco dining or dinner under the stars.

While dining out recently, I was served an impressive (light styled) red wine, produced here in Australia. I was unfamiliar with it, so thought I’d share my new found knowledge with you today.

The red variety of grape used to create this wine was called Gamay. It was presented as an extremely versatile wine which can be taken on a picnic and matched with patés and antipasto, served with chicken, veal or turkey, or with your favourite Asian dish. In our warmer weather the wine would do well to be slightly chilled before serving (making it both delicious and refreshing), and it is recommended to be consumed while still young. You may be interested to know that Gamay is the red variety behind Beaujolais.

My favourite cocktail this season has been the Aperol Spritz, a combination of Prosecco, soda water and Aperol, served with ice. Just delicious!!

My dish of the season would have to be the confit goose tortellini served with pumpkin, sun chokes (Jerusalem artichoke, which has a nutty taste, savoury flavoured and somewhere between an artichoke heart and a deliciously cooked potato), burnt corn and wattle butter … thanks to A Touch of Salt. Our Beefsteak and Burgundy, Townsville Ladies Club held one of our regular monthly dining events here, alfresco style, as well as our President’s Christmas in July dinner with over 60 members and guests taking over the restaurant for the evening.

If you’re wondering how to become connected and informed about upcoming events, jump on Facebook or Instagram, read local publications such as this one, check out websites of your favourite establishments, subscribe to updates, connect with like-minded companions such as our dinner club, and keep your ear to the ground as tickets/bookings sell out quickly for many local events (within 24 hours in some cases).