There are few smells that can rival a warm, freshly baked loaf of bread or buttery croissant in the morning and when done well, it can truly be the best thing since… well, sliced bread. Luckily for us, Townsville boulangerie stalwart Jean-Pierre Artisan Bakery is killing it with delicious artisan sourdoughs, flaky croissants and delicate pastries on the daily. And now, they are focusing on their wholesale operations to ensure that these beautifully handcrafted treats are even more widely available for us all to enjoy.

It is often said that tradition, passion and adoration (as well as a heck of a lot of butter) must be poured into bakery goods in order for them to satisfy our stomachs, hearts and tastebuds. It is with a passion for quality and an appreciation for tradition that Jean-Pierre Danoy, Owner/Operator and namesake of Jean-Pierre Artisan Bakery delicately crafts sourdoughs, ryes, savouries, pastries and all other sorts of tasty treats.

Having baked his way through over 30 years of artisan bread-crafting here in Townsville, Jean-Pierre and his family came from humble beginnings. Back in 1986 when Jean-Pierre arrived in Australia, they were the first French pastry chefs and bakers in all of North Queensland, operating their newly opened Le Café de France.

Fast forward a couple of years and you will find that from there, Jean-Pierre branched out on his own, developing his own boutique bakery chain (known at the time as Jean-Pierre
Patisserie) and offering a range of products that, although modest in size, never failed to impress. Let’s be honest, it has never been hard to feel the love in each bite of intricately made bread or pastry from Jean-Pierre’s offerings.

Having gone from strength to strength over the years as he expanded from Ross River Road’s Colonial Village in to Stockland, CastleTown, Sunvale Shopping Centre and the Willows, JP knew that as with almost anything, change often leads to bigger and better things. Over time, the retail stores ceased trade in order to allow Jean-Pierre and his team to free up some time and man power and expand the wholesale arm of the business.

Today, Jean Pierre Artisan Bakery is completely a wholesale operation and it is no surprise, with he and his team’s knack for tailoring products perfectly to a client’s needs – not to mention their desire to maintain an unsurpassable level of customer service. Recognising that it is best to do only one thing exceptionally well, JP and his team have realigned their focus in order to meet the constant and often overwhelming demand from Townsville’s top chefs, cafés, restaurants and food business owners for consistently high quality, hand-made bakery products.

Geared up to supply wholesale customers from the modestly small to the very large, Jean-Pierre Artisan Bakery carries an extensive range (over 100 different product lines) of Artisan pastries, savouries, sweets and breads. Think the most decadent of croissants, cronuts and mille-feuille, the most enticing pies, quiches and sausage rolls and well, no one can argue that every meal can’t be improved with a perfect slice of sourdough.
JP offers it all – and they are all products of from-scratch recipes that have been developed over many years, and with the extremely credentialed JP’s own carefully hand-crafted twist.

the most decadent of croissants, cronuts and mille-feuille, the most
enticing pies, quiches and sausage rolls and well, no one can argue that every meal can’t be improved with a perfect slice of sourdough.

Testament to Jean-Pierre Artisan Bakery’s high quality products, as well as their commitment to service, is their constantly growing client base, which includes restaurants, caterers and even a luxury island resort. At JP Artisan Bakery, it’s all about blood, sweat and baking. Currently supplying more than 140 wholesale clients and filling over 80 individual orders daily, the JP team work around the clock to ensure that the logistics of their operations are aligned with the needs of their customers. With their drivers on the road by 4am, followed by the pastry chef team in the kitchen by six, the baking team in at 2pm and their packers clocking on at 9.30pm daily, delivery times are accommodated, and their clients afforded the luxury of receiving their products as early as possible on any given trading day – with the convenient and generous order deadline of 2pm the day prior.

Jean-Pierre’s ideologies play an important role in the development of new products and processes, with his ongoing research focusing on emerging consumer tastes. This allows him and his team of highly skilled staff to respond quickly to new product trends and in turn, give their customers a competitive edge. They are always ready to customise their products and expand their range to take into account changing dietary needs, such as gluten free products. That all being said, keep an eye on them for some exciting and innovative new lines in the near future (plus perhaps even a new retail shopfront… but more on that later). Further to all of this, he and his team diligently craft their wares under the governance of a stringent health and safety program, ensuring the strictest hygiene and food safety standards. This essentially guarantees quality and freshness to each and every one of their clients – minimising any risk of defective or spoiled products for the end consumer.

It is no secret that it is in the interest of any community for not just the people, but also the businesses around them to buy locally. This is a belief that JP holds dear and his unwavering support and contribution to the local community is yet another feather in the plume upon his cap. The ingredients used to craft his bakery’s showcase of products are all sourced locally, with each and every one of their tasty morsels made by hand at their local Pilkington Street bakehouse.

You see, for JP it is all about giving back, and he proudly sees things full circle by supporting those who also support him. It is no longer trendy to market a product by highlighting its local roots – it’s imperative. His bakery employs local people and where possible, gives back even more to the community by way of their primary support of the Special Childrens’ Christmas Party each and every year. And as if that weren’t enough, they also throw their support behind their philanthropic customers who participate in events such as the Cancer Council’s Biggest Morning Tea, and have often been known to make kind donations of bread to sausage sizzles and barbecue fundraisers for local scout groups.

It is a known fact that the traditional method of creating the perfect sourdough loaf involves only three ingredients: flour, water and salt, with the flour arguably the most important of these. We can’t help but feel that the process does require a few more ingredients than this, however. Today, the much-loved Jean-Pierre brand
is synonymous with excellence and is the product of the perfect mixture of hard work, unyielding determination, and a passion for quality. Add a recruitment of highly skilled and dedicated staff, with a dash of impeccable round the clock customer service and attention to detail, together with exceptional baking traditions, recipes and techniques. Put all of that together and what you have is not just an array of Artisan products that boast both quality and consistency, but a solid bakery supplier that could easily stand up against their larger wholesale peers (such as the enviable Sonoma and inspirational
Brasserie Bread).

To put it simply, it is the food retailers that have JP breads, pastries, sweets and savouries in their arsenal that are sure to attract Townsvillian foodies in droves.

It is no secret that quality bread and baked goods are not something that can be
purchased for a measly dollar at the conglomerate supermarkets and Jean-Pierre Artisan Bakery is a local purveyor that is shaking up the baking world. With their use of techniques that have been mostly forgotten by the mainstream industry, combining a mix of craftsmanship, artistry and even science, their unique flavours and exceptional keeping and eating quality are delivered in each and every piece of their hand-crafted product.

They truly are a (bread) winner.


For 30 years Jean-Pierre Artisan Bakery has supplied Townsville businesses with quality artisan breads and pastries, including a gluten friendly range, through our wholesale bakery. Providing high quality products, excellent service and offering 7 day delivery, Jean-Pierre Artisan Bakery can tailor products to suit every need, from made to order specialty products through to major functions.

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