We are truly blessed with some incredible culinary creativity here in Towsville – it’s what makes eating out in this beautiful city so exciting. 

So, what happens when you take one of Townsville’s biggest names in delicious delicacies and pair them with other cultural showcases such as film, fillies and even footy? 

An incredible series of events, that’s what.

Otto’s Fresh Food Market has orchestrated and taken part in many amazing events in our city over the past year. From an elegant Mothers Day High Tea, to a pumping series of State of Origin parties, to a show-stopping race day soiree, the team at Otto’s has been working hard behind the scenes to celebrate occasions of any kind, while providing brilliant excuses for us all to break away from our usual haunts to celebrate with them.

You see, Otto’s creates and invites the community to partake in these events to not only mark an occasion, but to celebrate the legacy of food in Townsville, and to bring us all together to share and create amazing memories and experiences.

For them, it’s not just about the food – it’s about the people you meet, it’s about the weather, it’s about the conversation, the fun, the fashion… the whole bigger picture. The fact that there is always an abundance of beautiful cuisine on show and ready for public enjoyment, is an added bonus. A really, really good added bonus.

But what is an event without punters and guests to enjoy it?

In this day and age, everyone’s a ‘foodie’ – whether they realise it or not. Your parents are foodies, your nieces and nephews are foodies. Everyone cares about food. It’s a food-obsessed culture and Otto’s have gotten in at the right time with their collaborative ideas and events, in order to help you all appreciate it just that little bit more. So while not everyone might be into fashion, dance, quirky films, or rugby league, everybody eats.


So Townsville, here’s some great news: as long as you continue to eat, events such as these will continue to exist, evolve and thrive.

It really is the support of the community that makes these events successful, and the Otto’s team is thrilled by the
outpouring of enthusiasm from the aforementioned foodies of Townsville.

Quite frankly, these events wouldn’t be the same without you guys. It is your presence and positive spirit that send such occasions soaring to new heights, making them productive and well, just plain old fun. It is you guys that kill it on the dance floor, it’s you guys who are the life of the party. It is you guys that travel far and wide to spend an evening with the Otto’s crew and there is no better reward for them than seeing you all together, enjoying yourselves… all whilst sampling sweets and savouries ‘til your hearts (and stomachs) are content.

It truly is a blessing for them.

So while Otto’s keep creatively raising the bar when it comes to innovation in food festivals and events, get ready to give your taste buds the attention they deserve as we take a look back on the 2017 calendar that was food events by Otto’s.

Otto’s had film buffs and foodies alike settled in under the stars for a weekend of entertainment screening the 26th Year of the Flicker Fest travelling film festival. Held over two nights in Otto’s Alley, the festival featured the best of Australian shorts and short comedy laughs. Each evening kicked off in perfect weather, with live bands, Otto’s Texas BBQ, drinks and of course… popcorn! The space and unique feel was a sign of things to come for events at Otto’s Alley. Watch this space!

A collaboration with the Townsville Hospital Foundation and the perfect toast to our mums and grandmas, the Mother’s Day High Tea showcased a decadent range of sweet and savoury delights, all by Otto’s Artisan Bakehaus and Kitchen. Held at the Warrina complex, the theme for the beautiful sellout event was set with elegant vintage teapots and tea cups, fresh flowers and the aroma of brewing tea.

May, June, July : STATE OF ORIGIN
Otto’s Alley was alive and pumping for all three State of Origin games this year. Punters enjoyed each game on the big screen whilst enjoying delicious and hedonistic loaded barbeque platters hot off the Smokin’ Rocket, brisket rolls, cheesy brats and more. There were also freshly shucked oysters, prawn skewers and divine seafood chowder (perfect for the cooler evening weather, while the icy cold beer and cider was kept flowing courtesy of Kombi Keg. This family friendly event was a hit and is all set to go again for yet another Queensland series win in 2018.

A brand new experience this year saw Otto’s and Hit 103.1 team up to host a lavish, airconditioned space providing a trackside food experience like no other! A six hour drink package with craft beer, cider, Aperol spritz and incredible punch bowls were downed by guests lucky enough to have secured tickets, in a beautifully decorated vintage marquee. The atmosphere alone was enough to enlighten the senses, but the real star of this event was the food offerings.

The beautiful people were blown away by an elegant Victorian high tea sweets buffet and a lavish European fromage and charcuterie bar, but the real showstoppers at this event were, without even a shadow of a doubt, the incredible range of Venetian cicchetti (pronounced “chee-KET-eeh”) and the highly anticipated raclette (traditional swiss melting cheese with an intense perfume and a mild, nutty flavour – melted over baked potatoes, cured meats, bread and pickles).

Otto’s Trackside Parlour – could it be Otto’s Fresh Food Market’s magnum opus? We can’t wait to find out.

A big weekend in racing, with a fun and full festival atmosphere, the Townsville Tri Festival is held over two days on our beautiful Strand. Otto’s was there from sunset each day serving up breakfast for the masses (the most amazing BLT you will ever eat is a star on their brekky menu), much needed Monsooned Malabar coffee, bakery sweets and a selection of low n slow texas barbecue dishes, pulled from the famous Otto’s Smokin’ Rocket.

Our beautiful August weather saw Dancenorth take their performances outdoors to the beautiful setting of Jezzine Barracks for their inaugural Dance Tropics Dance event, and Otto’s was there to share in the fun of this unique dance, music and food experience. With their Smokin’ Rocket and some tropical treats including the limited edition ‘Pace and Pig’ burger – topped with pulled pork, caramelised pineapple (from local Pace Pineapple Farm), lettuce, slaw and Jay’s Dad’s BBQ sauce (trust us, it was as good as it sounds), the crew also ran the bar for the event. With pineapples aplenty and all sorts of other creative concoctions, this new addition was a huge success and you can expect to see it turn up at any number of future events.

It goes without saying that the team at Otto’s love to celebrate food, all while showcasing music, dance, art and cooking techniques from far-flung destinations. But the most important thing to remember here is that their real passion lies in
celebrating it all with us, the wider community. Their packed calendar of savoury selections is only set to fill out more in 2018 and beyond and it really is thanks to the wonderful
people that support them.

So if you’re a foodie (and trust us, you are) with a love for discovering new dishes and want to add a new dimension to some of your favourite occasions, it is these must-not-miss events that give you the opportunity to uncover some fantastic knowledge and meet some new people that have been hiding on your doorstep all along.

So thank you Townsville, we’re so glad you could join us!

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