Celebrate Easter and create a new tradition by hosting a creative and delicious Sunday lunch feast. Invite your closest friends, decorate the table and enjoy some precious time together with this four-course menu of tasty dishes that will impress your guests.

For many, Easter is the first proper break of the year and the chance to really unwind.

Whether heading north up our beautiful coast, heading out west for a spell of camping or simply enjoying a few quiet days in the home we call Townsville, the Easter holidays should definitely embrace family, friends and beautiful food.

With the cooler Autumn weather, heartier flavours begin to emerge from our kitchens, and they all come together perfectly for a chilled-out Easter lunch that celebrates the best in local, in-season and fresh produce.

Make it a long, leisurely Easter lunch that begins with a fresh and vibrant cocktail, designed to whet the appetite before the arrival of bite-sized prosciutto cups that celebrate fresh figs and creamy goat’s cheese.

Fresh lime, spiked with garlic, update beautiful local green prawns and give your guests just a taste of what is to come.

Followed by a slow roasted, herb-laden butterflied lamb leg with potato and bacon rosettes are a new twist on a traditional holiday favourite, and a colourful, crunchy take on roasted pumpkin that just bursts with flavour rounds out this pleasing menu.

But then what would Easter be without hot cross buns?  So don’t forget to pass around a warm, rich blueberry and white chocolate hot cross bun pudding – a layered delicacy with the welcome twist of fresh blueberries and custard.

We have designed the full menu for you and even included suggested drink pairings and a shopping list. So set a bright, fresh, colourful table adorned with fresh flowers, golden eggs and pastel hues, gather some friends and enjoy the spread… all while reaping the priceless rewards that come with opening your home and your heart, breaking bread, making memories and enjoying sumptuous but homely food with your loved ones.



Aperetivo: Classic Pimm’s No. 1 Cocktail
The idea of sharing a drink before a meal dates back through the ages, and it was the Europeans who turned it into an artform in the 18th Century.

Aperetifs are light and dry, often with a slight bitterness, so as not to overindulge your senses. It’s all about stimulating your appetite and this fresh Pimm’s cup will do just that, with its low alcohol content and fresh flavours.

It’s certainly one that will get your guests talking and your party started. Get the recipe here.


Appetiser: Crispy Prosciutto Cups with Goats Cheese and Figs
After your guests enjoy their vibrant welcome aperitivo, wow them with these cute little prosciutto cups – which are the perfect appetiser for any party.

Guests can say hello to, and welcome their friends, and all the while, pop these in their mouths while still chatting away over a glass of perfectly paired wine.

They are a cinch to make (with only a handful of ingredients) and truly are a sweet/salty/creamy/crunchy flavour-bomb that promises to knock the socks off anything but an appetite! Get the recipe here.


Entree: Oven Roasted Garlic and Lime Prawns
Nothing screams “Easter” like the freshest of fresh seafood.

This is a really simple dish for entertaining, and it highlights the best of local NQ underwater produce.

Pair it up with some crusty, freshly baked  sourdough bread, extra lime and an array of flavoured aiolis, and your Great Easter Feaster is off to a flying start.

The best part is, this recipe uses only one dish – so you can truly entertain like a pro, with minimal clean up. Get the recipe here.


Main: Herbed Leg of Lamb with Potato and Bacon Rosettes
Lamb is such a traditional Easter staple. Tender and moist on the inside, this version also boasts a flavourful, crispy herb crust.

It starts with a rolled lamb leg smothered with a delicious paste of rosemary, sage and thyme.

It’s then set off with bacon and potato rosettes that are both super easy to make and stunning to look at.

Dished up with a rich gravy, your guests will agree that the Great Easter Feaster is well and truly in full swing. Get the recipe here.


Side: Pumpkin Wedges with Goat’s Cheese, Walnuts and Sage Browned Butter
Autumn’s beautiful weather affords us the luxury of getting cozy with dishes that are a little heartier than those we can normally bear during the summer months.

Goodbye, salads!

Pumpkin is not only a golden classic, but also the perfect compliment to your roast lamb main.

Rich Kent pumpkin wedges are roasted to perfection, then drizzled with a silky burnt sage butter, lashings of creamy goats cheese, and then finished with some crunchy walnuts for an element of texture.

Your Easter feast just became one for the ages. Get the recipe here.


Dessert: Blueberry and White Chocolate Hot Cross Bun Pudding
Your guests both young and old will love this festive twist on the traditional bread and butter pudding.

Fluffy, decadent, chocolate hot cross buns are combined with a creamy custard, chunks of white chocolate and beautiful sweet blueberries to create a soul-warming Easter dessert like no other. Get the recipe here.