Multi-award winning Barista champion Jean-Paul Sutton is one of Australia’s most recognisable coffee experts. As part of a successful career leading the development of Queensland’s Specialty Coffee Industry, he plans to take the region’s coffee scene to the next level – from right here in Townsville.

Just about every coffee lover is familiar with the words ‘Robusta’ and ‘Arabica’ – either seen written on bags of coffee, or spoken about by their favourite barista.

For those that aren’t entirely sure what they relate to, here’s a little insight on the world’s two main species of coffee.

While both Arabica and Robusta beans are used in the coffee industry, Robusta is decreasing in popularity. The main reason being, consumer palates are becoming more discerning.

Although Robusta is cheaper and the easier to grow of the two varieties, many growers are forgoing it and opting to spend more money on sourcing Arabica instead. It gives a much more palatable flavour and quality over price.

It takes about five years of careful tending before the mature Arabica coffee tree will bear fruit, requiring producers to contribute years of tremendous investment and effort, all prior to harvesting their first crop.

To date, there is only one specialty grade certified robusta in the world. It is grown in India in the Chikmagalur region at the Sethuraman Estate.

You can experience this unique specialty coffee in a blend roasted by Veneziano Coffee Roasters, named ‘Forza’.

Forza is served at two cafes in Townsville: Figtree Café On Gregory Street in North Ward and Alt Brew on Flinders Street West in the CBD.

 • Larger, more corrugated leaves
• Bitter and rubbery in taste
• 1.7 – 4.0% caffeine
• Optimal at low altitude
• Hardier plant
• Less palatable

 • Oblong shaped fruit
• Delicate, sweet and flavourful in taste
• 0.8 – 1.4% caffeine
• Optimal at high altitude
• More susceptible to frost and disease
• 75% of world’s coffee production


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