When your green grocer has over 20 years industry experience, you know he knows a thing or two about fresh produce. Luke Clasie, manager of Lamberts Fresh Produce talks us through what is ripe and ready this season.

Well how much difference a year can make! This time last year, prices where sky-high and all the vegetables where extremely hard to find. But Mother Nature has shined on us this year with bumper crops going into spring (which is not so good news for growers with cheap prices).

Mangoes have already started from the Northern Territory (and are really good quality), and stone fruit will be starting soon with new season peaches from Stanthorpe in Queensland.

We can’t wait for stone fruit at Lamberts Fresh. Above everything we do here, we fight for flavour – all of our produce is wholesome and tasty. That is one of our biggest strengths, as we like to buy ripe (or close to ripe) fruit that we know will taste great and last in your crisper.

Here are my picks for Spring.

Also known as shallots or French shallots (and not to be confused with spring onions), these are petite onions which grow in clusters. They feature a papery golden/brown skin and are milder than common onions.

Their sweeter flavour works well in French and Asian cooking and is delightful in many French-inspired sauces. They also bode well in stir fries and soups, all whilst acting as a great source of iron, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, zinc and potassium.

Possibly one of the most versatile vegies out there, carrots are in abundance during Spring, with wonderful quality produce coming out of the South East of our state.

Perfect to eat whole, raw, chopped, grated and added to dishes for colour, flavour and texture, carrots really are impressive… they even make for a great juice! Not only this but they are super good for your eye, cardiovascular, digestive and skin health.

From flakes in the morning, to popped at the movies, to fresh on the cob with lashings of melted butter… it goes without saying that we love corn, and the Spring months in Australia are the best time to get it.

When buying fresh corn, look for bright green husks and a firm kernel. Bright, sunny and sweet… corn is the perfect Spring vegetable!

Having ‘smashed’ its way into the hearts of Aussies everywhere, the avocado is a natural package bursting with health
benefits and creamy, buttery deliciousness.

This green, pear-shaped fruit is loaded with healthy fats, potassium (more than bananas, in fact), fibre and too many other important nutrients to list. It’s fantastic in sweet or savoury, hot or cold dishes, as zingy guacamole or an accompaniment to a prawn cocktail.

Give up your house deposit for a smashed avo’ on toast? I’m for it!

These are just some of my picks for Spring, but also in abundance are:

Peas, asparagus, potatoes, Asian vegetables, paw paw and papaya, avocado and spinach.

And the best part? It’s all available for you at Lamberts. Follow us on Facebook to keep track of our weekly specials.


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