Meet Bob, head butcher at the all new Otto’s Meat Market. With 50 years industry experience under his apron, Bob knows what works and what doesn’t in the butchery trade, so we take his advice about his top picks for Spring.

As the new head butcher at Otto’s, I come in with the firm belief that the first key to being a good butcher, is to know your customer. You’ve got to have a skillset, that’s number one for sure, but it’s not a matter of just cutting up meat and then going home. I am all about getting to know my customer and exactly the cuts they are looking for.

And that’s what is great about my role here at Otto’s Meat Market – it’s all about traditional, old-school butchery. I cut my teeth as a butcher at 15, and have been working in the industry ever since… in fact I will see my 50th anniversary in January. My career has seen me travel the country and quite frankly, I won’t work in a butchery shop I don’t like – and I have seen the inside of a fair few of them in my day.

I am a bit of a purist and just like to do things the right way. As such, you won’t find me pulling meat out of boxes. Sure, we could sell you the cheap stuff, but that’s not what we are about here. We like to take the high road and we like to use the best.

And the best thing you can get during Spring is lamb.

We source beautiful Victorian spring lamb here at Otto’s. You have probably heard the term ‘spring lamb’ mentioned at butcher shops and meat counters.

Spring lamb is what we call the seasonal peak in supply – it follows the natural breeding cycle, as lambs are born in winter and sold in the spring. Put simply, spring is known as the lamb grilling season because this is when lambs are most plentiful and therefore cheapest.

So when looking for lamb, what should you get?

First up, there’s the great all round favourite Aussie dinner of lamb loin chops – which is also my own personal favourite. A quick and tasty meal, served with some vegies and lots of garlic. I also love cutlets if you are after something just that little bit special.

Another favourite is the lamb shoulder; it’s perfect slow-cooked on the bone, delicious diced and braised and also really good for curries.

An option for when time is short or if slicing up a whole joint is a worry, is an easy-carve leg. The boneless leg cooks a little quicker and the meat is still beautiful.

The really great thing is all of this and more is available fresh at Otto’s Meat Market. Come in and check out our range of lamb products and even a few of our own recipes and inventions. Oh and if you need a custom cut, no worries. Just ask us and we can prep it for you without a hassle.

The new Otto’s Meat Market is now in full swing! Head in store where you’ll find our new service counter, the finest cuts and all of your meat essentials from chicken and pork to lamb, beef and a vast range of game meats and smallgoods. Home to a dry aging salt room, you can also enjoy watching our butchers slice and carve on traditional wooden butchers blocks. Keep an eye out for our new gourmet range being introduced daily.

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