Ingham Road Seafood has long been established as one of Townsville’s leading fresh seafood retailers over the past ten years. A local, family owned business, you can ‘meet the mongers’ as they give us the low down on the freshest and the best in seasonal seafood.


Thanks Ross!

This issue we would like to introduce you to Ross Wilkie.

Ross has been our main supplier of live mud crabs and Burdekin barramundi for many years now. Ross is a third generation fisherman who learned from his Dad who in turn, learned from his Dad (Ross’s Grandfather).

From an early age, Ross spent many hours out in the boat with his Dad and developed a life-long passion for the industry. He has now been fishing on his own for the past 16 years.

Ross was born in the Burdekin and still lives there with his wife Sue-Ann and their two kids, aged eight and six. The kids are starting to go out crabbing with Ross already – another generation of fishers/crabbers has begun!

It is the Burdekin area that Ross mainly fishes, and he knows the area like the back of his hand. He goes out crabbing every day.

Ross supplies us with all of our live mud crabs every week and sends the remainder of his catch to the Sydney Fish markets where North Queensland mud crabs are extremely popular. We keep some of our crabs for sale live and we cook the rest on site as required – there really is nothing better than a freshly cooked mud crab!


Barramundi fishing happens at night when the tides are right. Some nights, Ross can get a nice catch of barra, whilst other nights can prove fruitless and nothing at all is caught. It can be a frustrating, tiring and costly way to make a living at times!

The following day after a good night’s catch, Ross will drive up and deliver the barra to us himself – it cant get any fresher or faster than that!

Ross often also has a bi-catch of Blue salmon, queenfish, grunter, Threadfin (King salmon) and flathead on hand, providing us with a fantastic variety of freshly caught estuary fish for our customers.

We consider ourselves very lucky to have Ross as a supplier, as his product is always handled well and kept to a high
standard. We look forward to selling you Ross’s barra and mud crabs for many years to come.

Thanks Ross!

Don’t forget Easter is coming up quickly and will be here before we know it. As always we will be open every day over the Easter period for your convenience. We look forward to seeing you in store…


Our local, family owned business has long been established as one of Townsville’s leading fresh seafood retailers. Come in and check out our extensive range of beautiful, fresh seafood… you won’t be disappointed! Open every day of the year for your convenience.

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