With decades of experience under his apron, it’s fairly safe to say that Townsville local Shane Ryland knows a thing or two about how to BBQ like a pro. Each issue, Shane lets us in on his barbeque obsession.

What is Weber?
Ever since the original kettle set the benchmark in barbeque quality and performance, Weber has had a reputation to protect. Weber know you and I rely on, and trust them, to bring extraordinary barbeques to the market and they won’t let us down.

Made from the highest quality materials to weather the elements and stand the test of time, heavy-grade steel, the finest porcelain enamel, best-grade aluminium and quality stainless steel is what you get with every Weber.

Why buy Weber?
At the heart of every ‘gas’ Weber barbeque is a unique burner system found in no other barbeque system in the world.

It has a unique revolutionary patented flavouriser system that distinguishes Weber from any other barbeque. These flavouriser bars form a roof over the burners and allow excess fat and cooking juices to pass by the burner tubes without making contact with the flames. These bars also distribute the heat evenly across the cooking surface, so ‘hot spots’ are eliminated and the flavours are enhanced by the extra humidity created.

Gas efficiency
The specialised burner systems in Weber create a convection of heat distribution that uses much less gas than other barbeques because the heat is retained under the lid.

The burner system works in conjunction with specially designed lids to maximise every mega joule of heat and this then saves you money – we say it uses less than half a normal barbeques usage to cook the same amount of food – you save money.

Lid down cooking
We may now share with you why the Weber cooking system is the most superior barbecuing, roasting and smoking brand in the world. The burner works with the hood (lid) to create these convection currents which spin around every thing you cook. The cooking with lid down is how the Weber brand works.

Some people like to cook with the lid up or enjoy watching the food cook. This used to be ok, but not anymore. The time for letting the steak dry out on open flare grill and watching the moisture and flavour go up in smoke is over.

Once you have tried and experienced Weber flavours from the grill or roasting your favourite meats in its unique
cooking environment, you will be hooked for life, like so many others who enjoy this great product every day.

Note: You may notice on some of the “Q” barbeques have a higher lid than other Weber “Q” barbeques. This is the
difference between the ‘standard’ Q and the ‘Specialists’ high domes easily recognisable by the temperature gauge in the lid. I recommend the high dome models on all models – Baby Q, Q and Family Q as the convection we spoke about earlier is far more enhanced in these models.

We sell barbeques of all descriptions. Weber is our premium brand and we are Townsville’s only ‘specialist’ dealer. Smokers have been very popular over the last few years and we have a range of gas, wood and electric models. Our knowledge of the ‘backyard barbie’ is second to none, with over 40 years experience. Let us help you choose one.

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