Immerse yourself in culinary glamour with a modern Australian and Mediterranean twist at one of townsville’s newest venues, Paradise Bar.

It is possible to take a little trip around the world without the expense of leaving Townsville, thanks to the latest gourmet offering on Palmer Street – Paradise Bar.

The latest offering on the popular dining strip has opened in the old Bistro One premises, promising modern Australian fare with a Mediterranean twist.

But in truth, inspiration has been drawn from across the globe with a head chef who has sweated in Dubai, shivered through Dublin winters and weathered the incredible fury of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.

A sprinkle of experience from every corner of the globe

Paradise Bar head chef Pradeep Manupriya learned his trade from the very best in Ramsay. This includes a working stint in Ramsay’s 5-Star, Ritz-Carlton hotel restaurant in Ireland.

Pradeep has also been chef at the Royal Mirage Hotel in Dubai as well as at the American Embassy in Dublin.

His two decades of experience is complemented by executive chef Felix Raphael, who has a vision to deliver a one of a kind experience every time you sit down for a meal.

And to round it off, sous chef Chiwantha has won awards in live cooking competitions and is the resident plating specialist.

A complete dining experience
Felix wasn’t content with simply serving up traditional lunch and dinner menu options. He wanted to provide a true all-day dining experience that catered to the busy modern person, and it was from here that Paradise Bar was born.

For the early birds, you can pop in for a Tim Adams Specialty Coffee served with a range of healthy breakfast items.

This is followed by brunch, daily and ready-to-go lunch and fantastic dinner options as well as the all-day favourite – the most amazing wood-fired pizzas.

The local touch
One of the priorities for Paradise Bar was to ensure all of their offerings were both healthy and made  with locally sourced produce.

“We source our meat from Northern Queenslanders. We get some fruits and vegetables from Tully and the rest from our local farmers. It’s about locals supporting the locals,” Felix says.

“The pillar of focus for our menu was to serve healthy, clean, portion-controlled meals made from locally sourced meat and seafood, natural ingredients made with nutrient-preserving cooking techniques.”

That motivation came from growing up in Kerala, India which is home to decadent spices, fruits and a tea plantation.

“That inspired my family to pursue careers in the food and hospitality industry,” says Felix.

A regional dining experience
Of course, resting just a stone’s throw from the banks of Ross Creek, Paradise Bar offers a relaxing and picturesque way to enjoy a meal.

But the team has gone above and beyond to ensure diners feel relaxed in their environment.

The local ingredients are strung up for all to see and artwork sourced from throughout North Queensland give the venue a real sense of home.

There is also a function room for private parties and events with a range of buffet options to choose from, as well as the selection of tap beers and drinks at the in-house bar.

“We aim to offer excitement and surprises for our customers throughout the year so they can attain the unique tang of Paradise.”

Paradise Bar breathes new life into its little pocket of Palmer Street. It’s Townsville’s own little utopia and we are sure that with one visit,  you’ll never want to leave.


Establishing a striking presence in Palmer Street, Paradise Bar welcomes you to a Modern Australian Restaurant with a
Mediterranean twist. Entrench yourself in the heart of culinary glamour adorned with local grown, fresh, native ingredients. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, we also serve creatively designed, gourmet woodfired pizzas. Unwind with a drink from the bar or enjoy tap beer from the amazing bar drinks menu.

Paradise Bar | 30-34 Palmer Street, South Townsville | 07 4420 2290 |