Whether your favourite is the humble breast, an extravagant strudel or a golden Kiev, there is no doubt that Lamberts Fresh Produce is no Spring chicken when it comes to supplying some of the best poultry products in North Queensland… and for good reason.

It’s no secret that Lamberts Fresh Produce is a well-loved local fresh food stalwart, delivering the best North Queensland produce, meat and stockfeed.

But did you know Lamberts actuallystocks over 60 types of chicken products? And that the entire range is sourced locally and prepared in-house before heading onward to your table?

It’s these special touches that makes their poultry range the freshest and most diverse in the region.

Scratching out a living
The team behind the chicken at Lamberts consists of Troy, Jules, Primo, Sonia and Matty, who are all assisted by Lamberts’ Manager, Luke Clasie.

Behind the scenes, they watch the Steggles North Queensland truck roll in daily, healthily loaded up with fresh, whole birds.

Then, once the truck is unloaded, the magic happens.

The  team gets to work, transforming the fresh, local birds (which are never frozen) into an array of delectable products including fresh cuts, through to family-meal-ready commodoties like kebabs, rissoles, schnitzels, strudels, meatloaves, sausages, enchiladas, Kiev and much, much more.

Every gram of produce in their hand-crafted recipes is sourced locally, and every element of each product’s creation is completed in-house.

“We care about where our chicken comes from,” says Luke.

“How it was raised and how it was processed has a huge impact on the quality of the final product, and we like to know that the welfare of the animal has been considered through all stages of its life.”

And it’s with this, that Lamberts Fresh Produce have made it their mission to use only the freshest chicken and the best ingredients, in order to provide Townsville families with delicious, convenient and innovative ready-to-cook chicken meals, every day.

Cultivating the finest chooks
Steggles North Queensland is proud of its brand, so you won’t find any chickens coming from other corners of the country in their trucks.

That means all of the poultry supplied to Lamberts, arrives fresh and ready for preparing into the best dinner ideas for their loyal clientele.

Over 90 years of experience means that Steggles is well-versed in the practices of local farms, and they only choose to work alongside the ones that have the very best competency and sustainability practices in place.

Through Steggles, not one chicken is raised in a cage, rather, they are housed in massive barns where they can roam freely and without cruelty.

There are no hormones or steroids injected or ingested by these birds and they are 100 per cent naturally raised using only the best wholesome feed available.

Steggles even employs a dedicated nutritionist to source the best Australian grains and action the best methods for healthy chickens.

Complete every meal with local produce
The vast menu of hand-crafted, mouth-watering, fresher-than-fresh and ready-to-cook chicken dishes are just one aspect of the range at Lamberts Fresh Produce.

You can easily pick out the entire week’s meals from the wide variety of chicken products available and accompany them with fresh produce, the majority of which, has also been sourced locally.

There is no doubting the importance of supporting local, and now in their 76th year as Towsville’s largest fresh food marketplace, Lamberts is testament to the fact that forging strong, local links can see a business flourish and in turn,
a community thrive.

Lamberts is proud of its farming allies, and so they should be. You can learn exactly where your produce is coming from, simply by dropping in and saying hi to Luke and his friendly, all-local team.

They can tell you how their rockmelon, honeydew, capsicums and pumpkins have been picked and delivered directly from Evan Chapmans’ Rocky Ponds Farm just north of Gumlu, and how their zucchini, cucumbers, gold squash, paw paw, passionfruit and limes all come from the Damon Hall Family Farms at Crystal Creek.

There are pineapples, bananas, capsicums and even snake beans, long eggplant, watercress and cherry tomatoes all gathered from North Queensland’s own food bowl available at Lamberts, where taking care of our farmers through fair trade and honest promotion reigns supreme.

And the best part?
All the poultry (together with a range of other meat products including lamb, beef, pork and smallgoods) and produce are all available under the same, single roof at Lamberts, making it your one-stop shop for everything you need to feed the family… and at a great price.

We say, “winner, winner…. chicken dinner,” to that.


A truly local small business supplying Townsville with huge selections of fresh fruit and vegetables, sliced and whole fresh cuts of beef, pork and lamb, fresh chickens, in-house made small goods and hams, and all of your stockfeed needs. Dealing with local farmers and producers from Bowen to Charters Towers and up to the Tablelands.

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