You’d have to be living under a rock not to have felt the ripples surrounding the opening of Townsville’s newest seafood sensation. The tide is high at one of our favourite local suburban foodie haunts, as Otto’s Fish Market prepares to open its doors at (the already delicious) Warrina Arcade.

It goes without saying that seafood in great variety and of the highest quality is somewhat an obsession when you   live in North Queensland. It’s almost a birthright to be able to just to say  ‘no’ to a product from the depths of the salty sea that didn’t come immediately off the back of a trawler straight off our shores.

Imagine your regular go-to seafood store. If you are doing this well, then you are probably smiling because the scent is reminiscent of crisp salty air. The staff are friendly, the range brilliant… and you couldn’t really want for too much more.

Now imagine your regular go-to seafood store with an extra dash of swagger.

Here, you can (and will) get fresh seafood straight from the trawler. But what’s that over there? Perfectly cooked fish and chips? Don’t mind if I do.

You may also be seeing a menu of fresh, Asian-inspired dishes, and we promise you weren’t imagining things when you caught a glimpse of a livestock tank. Yep. That crayfish right there, is yours for the taking. Just say the word and it will be prepared for you while you wait.

Seafood in Townsville has just baited up. Meet Otto’s Fish Market (located in the same arcade at Warrina as the Otto’s you already know and love).

Otto’s Fish Market is set apart from any other seafood outlet you know, because their focus is not only on sourcing the best fresh (and live) seafood available Australia-wide, but also on ensuring their customers enjoy the experience of shopping at a market.

Owner Brian Shiells and his sons Scott and Hayden had a dream of living in paradise and doing what they love. Upon seeing the passion and drive the team behind Otto’s Fresh Food Market, they were inspired to follow that dream, and this means only good things for seafood lovers of the north.

Their focus is not only on sourcing the best fresh (and live) seafood available Australia-wide,  but also on ensuring their customers enjoy the experience of shopping at a market.

This close-knit family team aren’t a flash-in-the-pan and come with a wealth of experience. Hayden spent the first few years of his career working the Bass Strait, fishing Southern crayfish and shark. In doing so, he has developed a love of seafood and extensive knowledge of the journey it takes from the ocean to the plate. His wife Sam, has spent her entire career working in the hospitality industry running kitchens. The team has also engaged the services of Kon – a well-known face in the Warrina complex (you might remember him as the four-decade-long owner and operator of the recently retired Warrina Fish Bar… the man who never ever sold a frozen chip).

Together, the team is sourcing both fresh and live seafood directly from the boats here in Townsville and our surrounding regions, while also passionately seeking out live crayfish, oysters and specialised produce from the southern regions of Australia. You see, for them it is all about sustainable, high quality produce and the joy that it brings. Ultimately, it is about sharing that joy with their customers, with quality, consistency and value at the very core of what they do; and we are sure that they are about to very quickly amass a fierce following of fans.

You won’t find greasy chips, wilted salads and under-par farmed fish here, but what you will discover is an oyster bar, takeaway joint, casual Asian restaurant and seafood market all in one. next time you have a hankering for some fishy delishy, it would be well worth your time get hooked on Otto’s Fish Market.


Opening soon at Warrina Arcade, Otto’s Fish Market brings the best in fresh seafood to Townsville. More than just a seafood shop, Otto’s Fish Market features an oyster bar, Asian-inspired menus, a fish and chippery, fresh seafood straight from the trawler and even livestock – your selection caught from the tank and prepared while you wait. It’s everything a fresh seafood market should be. Find us on Facebook!

Warrina Arcade, Illuka St, Currajong  |  0457 778 678