Luke clasie, our expert contributor from Lambert’s Fresh Produce, fills us in on this season’s best… and it’s all ripe and ready and waiting for you.

Queensland has three major growing regions of citrus which include Emerald, Central Burnett and Bundaberg. Mareeba in the far north, is also home to an abundance of limes.

Mandarins are now in season, with the two main varieties being the Imperial and Honey Murcotts. There are some other varieties in Hickson and Aussie Rippers.

Queensland Navel oranges and lemons are also in full swing and are exceptional eating!


Strawberries are grown all year long in Australia, but they are at their best in Queensland when the Sunshine Coast season is in full swing…. which is right now.

The Sunshine Coast season (May – October) produces 33% of the total of Australian production in just these five months of the year.

There are three main varieties: Camarosa, Festival and Rubygems.

Generally after the Brisbane Ekka (known for their famous strawberry sundaes which utilise about 10 tonne of fruit each year) is when you will see some really good quality fruit at the best price – so keep your eye out around the end of August!


Also known as pattypan squash, scallop squash, granny squash and custard squash, and a close cousin of the humble zucchini, button squash are at their best during the dry, making them an awesome local winter vegetable.

Delicious baked or steamed whole and served with butter, or even chopped up and thrown through a stirfry, these cute little gems look amazing and add a gorgeous pop of colour to any dish.


There aren’t too many fruits as cool as a cucumber. They are super low in calories and extremely hydrating (how could they not be, when they are made up of 96% water?).
They are so low in calories in fact, that there are only eight calories in a half cup serving.

There are hundreds of varieties of cucumber, and they are generally classified as being for slicing or pickling, with the slicing varieties grown for eating fresh, and the smaller, thinner skinned varieties destined for the brine jar.

A beautiful, refreshing fruit with a delightful crunch that is perfect for salads and cruidite platters.